art coordinate

make your space special with art piece

We coordinate suitable artworks of your choice at Viewing Room.
Artworks are in view from our collection of more than 2,000 pieces from paintings, prints to sculptures.
Please make a reservation for the coordination in advance. Our experienced staff will totally arrange the artworks and help realizing your ideal spaces.

  • Viewing Room
  • Various artworks such as oil paintings, Japanese style paintings, sculptures, and also prints including lithograph, etching, and silkscreen are available to see in our Viewing Room. Hearing your request, we support your art coordination by introducing various artworks from our stock, or even those in artists’ studio. We also accept commissions to artists. In order for us to make more concrete support, it would be also helpful if you bring photographs and interior plan drawings where you want to install the artworks. Feel free to order frames, delivery to your home, and the installation of artworks.

Advance reservation required.
Let us know the date and time that suit your convenience before your visit.

list of artworks

art object / glass

Toshio Iezumi
Chisa Imamura
Tomohiro Kano
Ryoji Shibuya
Niyko Ikuta
Shiho Tokoro
Miwa Ikemoto
Makoto Nishikawa
Ramon Todo

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art object / ceramics

Yasuyoshi Sugiura
Shoichi Ikeda
Kozo Takeuchi
Takuo Nakamura
Koichi Uchida

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art object / metal

Yoshinori Naruse
Yonezo Hirano
Toshitaka Nishizawa

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art object / others

Kate Thomson(marble)
Eisaku Ando (wood)
Mariko Isozaki (terra-cotta)
Yui Higashibata (Japanese lacqure)
Hironori Katagiri(stone)

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Shigehito Matsuda
Minoru Ohira (wood)
Yui Higashibata(Japanese lacqure)
Hitomi Uchikura (paper)

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Keisuke Yamaguchi
AngelikReimer (egg tempera)
Saiko Kaito (oil)
Hedi Konig (oil)
Minnie Pwerle(acrylic)
Hirokazu Ide (acrylic)
Kunio Ide (acrylic)
Jaume Amigo(acrylic)
Yuuri Kabata (acrylic)
Terumi Iwanaga (mireral pigment)
Junji Sakai (oil)
Yuji Sakai (Chinese ink)
Takehiko Sugawara (chalk)
Takako Azami (Chinese ink)
Katsue Sukenari (acrylic)
Hiroko Osugi (Chinese ink)
Miyuki Takenaka(acrylic)
Masumi Nakaoka (oil)
Norihito Tsuchiya (mineral pigment)
Kanako Higashibata (mineral pigment)
Takako Hojo (oil)

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Alfons Borrell (etching)
Heidi Koenig(etching)
Pablo Picasso (aquatint)
Henry Moore(lithograph)
Sotaro Ide (etching)
Toshiya Takahama (etching)
Keisuke Kinoshita (etching)
Shu Kuroki (clothgraph)
Noe Aoki (etching)
Makoto Oshima (silk screen)
Tsukamoto Iichiro (silk screen)
Noriko Fuse (etching)
Fumie Hiratai (silk screen)
_Miyabi Katayama (lithograph)
_Masahito Katayama(silk screen)

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Shinji Hinode

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Mariona Sanahuja (thread, fabric)
Takeshi Abe (wood)
Megumi Sato (acrylic)
Nobuko Watanabe
Kazuko Saeki (thread, fabric)
Tomoji Ogawa (acrylic)
Miyuki Takenaka(resin)
Hisashi Momose (foil)

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