Yoshinori Naruse 1976-


Born in Gifu. Awarded by Tokyo University of the Arts Ataka Award in 2004. After the graduation, he began creating the work by tin. His beautiful works with watermarked pattern like the veins of a lead attract a lot of attention recently.


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Emotional line 1 Emotional line 3 Emotional line 6 Emotional line シリーズ Tin Crystal シリーズ
  • title: Emotional line 1
  • size: 300×350×180
  • medium: tin
  • title: Emotional line 3
  • size: 300×450×200
  • medium: tin
  • title: Emotional line 6
  • size: 600×180×180 mm
  • medium: tin
  • title: Emotional line series
  • medium: tin
  • title: Tin Crystal series

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