About Us

The company was established in 1982, and Art Front Gallery has started as a commercial gallery for contemporary art in 2010. Since then, we have organized considerable numbers of exhibits. At present, our gallery presents a number of Japanese and international artists ranging from emerging artists to established ones. We organize more than 10 exhibitions every year, and also develop various relating projects sending progressive messages to audience in the world. We make gallery as a project space shedding new lights on the specificity of the spirit of our time as well as on the social context surrounding the art. Covering wider range of art beside exhibitions, we support private collectors and others to realize their needs.


The gallery annually organizes more than 10 one-man and group exhibitions of those from emerging to established artists. Inspired by new expressions and learning from the experienced production, we create a paradigm of new age. Art Front Gallery introduces you increasingly diversified expressions of today, from installations of cutting edge to the exhibition of familiar flat paintings.

Private viewing

Dealing with more than 2000 artworks of various materials and tastes besides those exhibited at the exhibition, Art Front Gallery proposes and sells artworks from paintings, prints to sculptures and art objects. We can prepare private viewing in accordance with the inquiry for customer's satisfying purchase for their private collection or interior.